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We Know How Time-Consuming and Costly are Mis-Hires

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We are dedicated to helping you recruit and hire the perfect-fit Indian development team for your projects, so that you can start building and launching new products in record time, with lower costs and high-margin.

Whether you’re thinking of:

  • Create and manage dedicated remote teams
  • Hiring in-house developers
  • Leasing software development teams

We’ve got you covered.

Not sure what is the best recruitment & hiring solution for your needs and budget?
Scroll down for an overview of the services we can provide for you and your company.

Dedicated Remote Teams

Create & Manage Your Own Dedicated Remote Teams

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We help you recruit & select your own development team, who strictly fit your requirements – and we hire them to work for you either in our remote office in Jaipur, India, or remote work from home, so that you can start working immediately on your most important projects. 

Our office is fully equipped and includes: secure servers, security personnel, furniture, hardware, software, multiple lines of high-speed Internet access, permanent access to your remote employees – live 24/7 cameras, and many other facilities. 

Here are a few of the advantages you get when you let us hire for you a dedicated remote teams:

  • The future employees are not on your payroll, so you avoid employer-employee relationship
  • All the employees are located in our dedicated office in India, with availability and under your control 24/7, so you save facility costs and get real time access whenever you need
  • Flexibility to change any time you need one or more members of your team
  • Option to switch to Permanent Placement anytime

Dedicated Remote Team Model Is Ideal For

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Startups and small businesses that need to scale fast
Spend no time on local hire. Save hiring and facility costs + many other administrative chores by leveraging an offshore managed development team of any size.
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Any companies that need to expand fast their team of expertise and have to meet tight deadlines
Get access to a pool of verified software developers of any expertise and seniority in a short period of time.

Permanent Placement

Hire In-House Software Developers

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We know how long and difficult the hiring process can be: searching, vetting, onboarding and managing software developers takes far too long.

Not to mention that it’s really hard to assemble great teams that work together effectively.

And if you do manage to do that, your employees can leave after just one year, or even sooner. But not with us.

We’re specialized in recruiting for short and long term assignments. And we have an extended network filled with Asian skilled professionals to choose from to help you fill your permanent jobs within your company. 

Our permanent placement service is designed to simplify the recruitment process and deliver only pre-screened and qualified talent for your vacancy.

The permanent placement services we provide include all stages starting from: 

  • talent sourcing, 
  • pre-selection,
  • security process, 
  • in person & virtual interviews with candidates

We also take care of obtaining work permits, long stay visas, residency permits in Romania, and we provide full support at employees arrival and for the entire contract period. 

As a result, you save your valuable time, your energy and costs associated with the entire recruitment process. And you also decrease your monthly expenses related to employees, thus generating more profit.

Here is how leveraging our recruiting resources for permanent hiring can benefit you and your company:

  • Contract duration guaranteed
  • Avoid lack of experienced developers in the local market

Permanent Placement Model Is Ideal For:

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Companies that focus on products or services in the technologies sector, which contains consecutive tasks and needs to make changes faster.

IT Staff Leasing

Rent Pre-Vetted Developers and begin your project right away.

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We know that sometimes you need the flexibility to try-before-you-hire. This is why we also offer you staff leasing services – an easy and cost-effective alternative to permanent placement.

Whether you are looking for temporary employees for a specific project, or to expand your team but you want to make sure they are a great fit, our staff leasing services are just for you.

We handle payrolls and tax administration, employee benefits and insurance, talent recruitment and management, and other administrative functions, while you maintain control of your business, including managing the work performed by employees.

Main benefits:

  • You reduce staff, onboarding and facility costs
  • Short and long term commitment
  • Option to switch to Permanent Placement anytime

IT Staff Leasing Model is ideal for:

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Startups and small businesses
That don’t have the financial resources to hire in-house talent acquisition professionals.
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That want to make sure first that the future employees are the right fit before they hire them full-time

Hiring Made Easy in Four Simple Steps

Step 1
We schedule a call to gather information about your goals and resource requirements regarding the desired candidate or the dedicated team.
→ Identify the recruitment needs
→ Prepare the job description
→ Advertise the position (for the “Hire In-house” service)
Step 2
Our technical team will conduct the first round of interviews and will shortlist best candidates for each desired role/ position.
→ Talent search
→ Screening and shortlisting
→ Background check & more
Step 3
Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by you and based on your final assessment offer letter will be released.
→ Final Interviews
→ Evaluation and Offer of Employment
→ Fill in all the paperwork needed
Step 4
After you approve the candidate(s) and the last interview is conducted, it’s time to welcome the new member(s) on board. But you don’t have to do it alone! We will help you integrate new employees into your team and will provide full startup support to work with.
→ Signing additional documents, including the NDA between the client and the developer(s)
→ Setting up the communication channels and reporting procedures, if needed
→ Startup support to help you identify the most efficient cooperation model for your distributed team, whether it’s remote or in-house

Still On The Fence About Working With Us?

At V7EVEN, we are so confident that we can find the developers you are looking for, so we decided to offer a replacement guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your placed candidates, we will replace them with ZERO COST for you within the first 7 days of their placement.

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